A Train Story

A classic story about trains.

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Dolores Mosser, Author.

Dolores Mosser and her book
“I live in a town where trains go by, fast and slow we watch them go.” It started from there.
As a mother, grandmother, and author, Dolores Mosser weaves diverse perspectives into her historical and general interest writing. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a History major from Texas Tech University.
In graduate school, she studied the field of regional history and she became inspired to.....
... “explore her own back yard.”
ATS at the TRHC

Her interest in history has lead her to serve on the Lubbock County Historical Commission, West Texas Historical Association, the Texas Historical Association and as President of the Texas Plains Trail Region, a regional tourism board affiliated with the Texas Historical Commission.
Dolores and Steve

By participating in other local historical and community organizations, she actively and enthusiastically promotes the attributes of “everything West Texas.” She has at least 2 published papers on the historical aspect of trains in the developing Texas area in the 1800's and 1900’s. She is currently working on a non-fiction history book on the area inwhich she was raised.

Her varied interests and business ventures range from developing Day Care Centers to designing interiors for her husband’s residential construction company to operating a renovated Harvey House, one of the historic restaurants that once served railroad passengers. Mrs. Mosser also spent a decade as a research assistant for The Land Rig Newsletter, an oil and gas trade publication.

Moving to Slaton, Texas, in 1985, she spent time with her youngest child watching trains stop at division headquarters for crew changes.
Harvey House Slaton
It was at the train depot that they saw a legendary Circus Train come into town one day, an event that served as the inspiration for this story.

Dolores and her husband, Steven, currently reside in Lubbock, Texas in a historic home.