A Train Story

A classic story about trains.

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Nathan Jensen, Illustrations

photo: Dwayne Hills

Nathaniel P. Jensen is a juggler of many different artistic pursuits: he paints on buildings and on large three-dimensional canvases, he creates the illustrations for magazines and newspapers and the animations for television and feature films, he is also the talented illustrator of books for children.

Nathan graduated from the University of Texas in 1991 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. With pennies from a childhood piggy bank, he created business cards and went into business as a freelance artist. Nathan has been working steadily ever since.
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Of his many endeavors, Nathan says his favorite by far is creating the artwork for children’s books. He says that for him it is an enjoyable puzzle, a chance to be softer. The highlight of it all? The opportunities it provides for him to meet the young readers who are enjoying his books.
Nathan Signs A Train Story

Visit his website: Natespace.com

March 14, 2010
Nathaniel P. Jensen, our fantastic artist and illustrator, has a new website!!

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