A Train Story

A classic story about trains.

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“A Train Story. This is one of our books,
we love this book.”
Levar Burton, Children’s Literacy Advocate, Reading Rainbow. Narration for A Train Story and many other ebooks.

"That was a good story! Maybe we can read it again at another ‘dark’ time?"
(Dark time is obviously what he calls night time ;-) Aiden R, Children’s Book Expert.

“The Universe wants this book made.”
Deidra Acord, Capital Printing, Austin, Texas.

The quote right above this paragraph was made by our rep at Capital Printing. Deidra walked A Train Story into the world of printed children’s illustration books. So many wonderful accidents and collaboration happened to get us to the price we could afford our 10,000 book pressing in South Austin. Capital Printing, and their partners, made it happen.

If you want something, you have to act to get the universe started in your direction. I took a shot and sent some of those books to the Smithsonian and Reading Rainbow, a few years ago. They both liked the book. We didn’t necessarily get lucky. We worked hard to have the book we have. Mom wrote for over 20 years, almost 2 years of addressing the illustrations, months on post-art graphics getting ready to print. We chose to print the book because we knew that it would attract the attention and help we needed to turn this into something bigger. We didn’t know what that would be.

It ended up that being in print was required and we were given a contract. Levar Burton chose to narrate my mom’s first book and his Reading Rainbow Tech Team has turned A Train Story into an interactive eBook app. Someone pinch me!

A Train Story, The App, $2.99
.....available on May 10, 2014!

That’s National Train Day!

The Universe speaks loud and clear.

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Kerry Mosser
Son and Publisher
Adrian Street Books

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